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I started the PopLyfe to share the passion and pride I have for being a dad...
The PopLyfe Shop relies on friends, fans, blogs, websites and social media to get the word out about our brand. We've made considerable progress in the first few weeks of our launch. Our popular tees - "Rookie Dad", "Stay at Home Stud" and "I Make Adorable Babies" have helped jump-start steady growth as well as recognition with Dad Bloggers and Parenting communities.

If you've got a blog or site, you can help us Celebrate Dads by spreading the word about The PopLyfe.

Even if you don't, you can help spread our message of Pride in Responsible Fatherhood by telling your friends, family or the favorite Dad in your life about The PopLyfe Shop. I've sent you this because I know you have influence. When friends share something, people pay attention. So, please take a few seconds to spread the word about The PopLyfe Shop.

Thanks so much,
Sean and the entire PopLyfe Shop Team