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LaGuardia Cross - Story of Fatherhood

I met LaGuardia after coming across one of his great YouTube videos online a few months back. The videos feature LaGuardia with his unique observations of fatherhood along with his adorable daughter Amalah. Due to his awesome creativity and, of course, his charming co-star, his channel has taken off.

What was your reaction when you found out you were going to be a father?

Wait, what? (heavy breathing) Really? No, no...I AM happy! I just...I just...I wasn't expecting that.

What influences from your father do you plan to reference in your journey as a father?

Not over stressing, enjoying the journey, and verbalizing my affection.

“Having a life-form COMPLETELY depend on me to live. It's the biggest responsibility I've ever had and will have in my life.”

What were some of your fears about becoming a father?


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had in being a father?

Having a life-form COMPLETELY depend on me to live. It's the biggest responsibility I've ever had and will have in my life.

One of your recent videos was essentially a PSA for new dads on what NOT to do during the first months of their new fatherhood, what were some of the mistakes you made as a brand new dad?

  • Purchasing products I didn't need
  • Possibly knocking her head (very softly) on a doorframe
  • Accidentally waking her up
  • Throwing her into the air immediately after she'd eaten
  • Putting on her diaper wrong
  • Trying to fit a newborn outfit on a 3-month-old

…that's all I'm willing to admit to at the moment.

I know you have some heavy musical influences, how has hip-hop influenced your perception of what fatherhood is?

Watching the people behind the music has been motivating. I know rappers that take their families on tour with them and some that bring their kids onstage. I love the idea of including my family in what in passionate about whenever I can.

You seem to have a lot of creative ambition, how has having a child changed the way you approach your goals?

I creatively showcase what I'm passionate about, as I've always tried to do. I connect the puzzle. I'm just adding a booster seat to a table at my favorite restaurant. I want to create things my family can be proud of and involved in.

What made you decide to start a YouTube series? What sparked the idea to include your adorable co-star Amalah?

I started posting YouTube videos every Wednesday on my journey as an artist Jan 2014. When I found out I was gonna be a father, I just began to share that element of my life too. I was sitting in the hospital when Amalah was 2 days old (Nov 8, 2014) and decided to post a silly commentary on FB called ”New Father Chronicles”. The response was so strong that I continued with the idea of sharing my life as a new dad. That soon after became the direction of my entire channel.

What are your plans for your channel over the next year

I've signed with Collective Digital Studio, who will be helping manage and build this brand of silly daughter/daddy stories over the next year. I'll continue sharing the life of Amalah and I, there are a few projects in the works, and I hope to do more to build up and support the stories of great parents.

We're proud to partner with New Father Chronicles! He even coined what may be our best testimonial ever:

"Y'all have the best fatherhood clothing I've seen so far and nothing is corny." 

Check out LaGuardia & Amalah Cross with Music, Art, and the Misadventures of a New Dad on "New Father Chronicles" Every Wednesday on YouTube. #NFChronicles

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