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Twenty Signs Your Child Is A Pre-Teen

It happened slowly.  First I had to buy him some deodorant.  Then it was face wash.  Then I heard he and his friends talking about dating.  But the day that his voice started to crackle, it hit me… my son was a pre-teen.  He was eleven, and while I still saw him as my little baby putting on his backpack for his first day of preschool, I realized that I had been smacked with a new reality.  I was officially the parent of a pre-teen.  

The following is a list of things to look for so that you can prepare yourself for those pre-teen years:

  1. He is more interested in his phone/computer/tablet/video game console, than he is in anything you have to say.
  2. She asks to borrow your pimple cream.
  3. When the sweaty little boy smell becomes something quite different.
  4. When you ask, “How was your day?” you get a grunt in response.
  5. The child who used to walk out of the house in mismatched clothes with shoelaces untied is suddenly obsessed with having the latest fashion trend.
  6. Mood swings.  Mood swings.  Mood swings.
  7. When your daughter’s eye rolling becomes so prevalent you actually start to wonder if you need to make an appointment with the optometrist.
  8. When you start counting down the days until high school graduation.
  9. The first time your child says, “I hate you” or something equally as devastating.
  10. The first time your child says, “I love you” for no apparent reason.
  11. Inside jokes become the way your child communicates with his or her friends.
  12. “Play dates” turn into “hanging out” and texting each other while sitting in the same room.
  13. Siblings go from being sidekicks to undesirable pests.
  14. When the groceries you just bought yesterday have already disappeared.
  15. When the long pants you bought your son two months ago now look more like long shorts.
  16. When your daughter is suddenly and inexplicably ostracized by her group of friends, and then just as suddenly and inexplicable welcomed back to the group the next day.
  17. When the Disney movies you used to love to watch together suddenly become horribly un-cool or cool in an ironic sense.
  18. When your child would rather die than be seen with you but still expects you to be there.
  20. When you ask yourself, “Was I this obnoxious when I was her age?”
  21. The bittersweet feeling of seeing the innocent infant face in the face of your sleeping child and knowing that these moments are fleeting.

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